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Royal Palms Mumbai India - Among Other Housing Societies in Mumbai: Stop refusing Legal Africans (mainly Nigerians) Accommodation

Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world, and as such ideas, opinions and behaviors differ vastly. As such Nigerians travel abroad for different reasons, Some good, Some bad (although infamous for the later) . This has made it easy to generally categorize us as "bad" in most countries. India on the other hand is the 2nd most populous country in the world, Therefore it wont be bogus to say the same conditions listed above apply to Indian's aswell living abroad. Bearing this in mind, there is an will always be a diverse mix of people even though we are from the same country, wherever we are, it is unfortunately wrong that for Africans ( mainly Nigerians ) living in Mumbai :-
1) Legal Nigerian students and Immigrants have continually condoned being racially abused by "random everyday individuals" on a daily basis.
2) Legal Nigerian students and immigrants have continually condoned being racially profiled sometimes by the police.
But it is ultimately not just wrong but completely wicked that of recent Royal Palms Mumbai and all of its housing societies have taken a mandate to refuse all Africans and mainly Nigerians accommodation, slating us as "inhabitable". This is racist and doesnt seem to bother the common man around, after several attempts, pleads and discussions to rather ; verify all necessary documents before allotting accommodation to curb the influx of illegal immigrants and miscreants, all parties have remained adamant in their own words " Africans/Nigerians aren't welcome here ". This continually makes it hard for Freshman / Sophomore / Final year African ( mainly Nigerian ) students and Legal immigrants to get accommodation, even after having all the necessary documents. As more societies and estate agencies have started to pick up this trend it can only special doom for Nigerians here and Africans intending to come that have no clue.
We instead proposed that we be treated fairly too, Most of us have parents and family's just like our peers, i personally, was shocked that after 4 years of studying and living in my college hostel, its seeming more and more impossible to get a house, Just because of my skin color and curly hair. This has to be put an end to, it is inhuman and wrong, Illegal and Fraudulent Nigerians Deserve whatever judgement they get, WE DON'T.

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