Let Taco Bell Cantina operate business in Royal Oak

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This January, the city of Royal Oak welcomed Michigan's first Taco Bell Cantina to 420 Main Street.  A bright, bustling location that has spent the last 4 months becoming a vital part of Royal Oak's downtown center, our Taco Bell Cantina is still missing some much-anticipated menu items.  The Royal Oak City Council has not approved a liquor license for this location.  Taco Bell Cantina is aspiring to sell margaritas and beer, not a full service bar.  Despite the fact that they won't be selling shots or strong cocktails, the city still hasn't approved their liquor license.

One more liquor license in Royal Oak's downtown area will not have a distinct effect on the number of issues downtown Royal Oak faces due to alcohol consumption.  Why are we punishing the latest restaurant to join the downtown area?  I believe that there are many residents and visitors of Royal Oak that would love to see our Royal Oak Taco Bell Cantina able to operate to its full potential.  If you would like to see this bright addition to Main St. also, please join with me in signing this petition.