Save Our Posties!

Save Our Posties!

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Rachael Goodwin started this petition to Royal Mail

Dear Royal Mail…..

With reference to these, your very own words, used recently during lockdown -

“Up and down the country people have been posting beautiful messages to thank our Posties for the wonderful work they are doing to help keep the country running during this difficult time  - especially by delivering letters and parcels to the vulnerable who are unable to leave their homes.

To show our appreciation, we’re asking the nation to get involved by giving your local Postie a big ‘thumbs up’ from a  safe two metre distance.

Postmen and Postwomen are at the heart of the communities they serve - so stay connected with them and show your support with a friendly thumbs up”…………..

So WHY then, may we ask, are  OUR rural Posties being deployed to other areas - against their wishes and without any notification or consultation with the community they serve?

We, the village of Madeley (CW3)  are dismayed to learn that we will potentially lose 3 fantastic, long serving Posties in a Royal Mail “redeployment”.

Having already lost our Village Post Office following the retirement of the previous Postmaster, the residents of Madeley are greatly concerned to learn that Dave Lockett, Gary Matthias and Wayne Doig may be moved to new rounds and other employees substituted in their place.

Whilst this may serve some management agenda for Royal Mail - WE the Villagers have known these individuals, and had exemplary professional service from them,  for - cumulatively - some 60 years. (Dave 21 years, Wayne 22 and Gary 17).

Their intimate and expansive knowledge of the residential areas and individual householders they serve, gives them an undisputed and incomparable advantage in efficiency. In addition, these workers are not just commodities but have a personal relationship  with this Village - as our friends, neighbours, - as willing, valued, trusted community stewards - and our unofficial neighbourhood watch; In essence, a part of - and at the heart of! - the very community values you speak of!

This is NOT something that can be easily or casually replaced and the strength of feeling within our community reflects this.

Respectfully, Royal Mail - our current Posties are absolutely fantastic ambassadors for Royal Mail. By arbitrarily moving them out of their own community you are not acting in their, our  - or indeed your own - best interests by ensuring the continued delivery of a seamless,  effective  (and highly regarded!) ) service.

Certainly,  Madeley and the surrounding parishes are unanimous in their opposition to these measures. We would therefore urge you to look again at your plans and to please LEAVE OUR TEAM INTACT.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!