Dear Brethren,

We appreciate Eurpoean Union pressing the Pakistani government to raise moratorium to prevent minority victimization allowed by legal loopholes. Please help us and the government of Pakistan in early release of Zaffar Bhatti, Chairman Jesus World Mission and other blasphemy victims in Pakistan. 

When the cleric falsely accusing Rimsha Masih is released, when the militants and extremists are released for lack of evidence, how come we get all witnesses against the poor and helpless? Do we keep innocents in jail to protect them from criminals free outside? Any argument for blasphemy law is rendered none to such effect by Jesus own words:

"Anything you say against The Son of Man shall be forgiven, but anything you say against The Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven." 

Is respect of G-d not more important than man and money?


Letter to
Press Office Royal Household, The British Monarchy
Press Officer and Spokesperson, European Union Judicial Cooperation Unit Mr. Joannes THUY
European Union Delegation to Pakistan Ms Ayesha Babar
and 2 others
Head of Representation, EU Commission UK Jackie Minor
European Union Judicial Cooperation Members
PETITION: European Union Urge Early Release of Blasphemy Victims in Pakistan

Pakistan has achieved the two big leaps towards faithful humanity. First by communities in and outside Pakistan united hand in hand to protect people of faith. Second by acknowledgment of current and former Pakistani governments of the current need of moratorium and reform of the blasphemy mindset.

Our Petition aims the third task, to release all the blasphemy victims in Pakistan. This gesture is a must to grow the feelings of love and forgiveness.

In the next European Union Session, stand with us to build courage to say NO where No is due: No, Clement Shahbaz Bhatti and Salman Taseer did not die in vain. No, we will not be deafened by explosions of religious accusers. No, We do not fear release of religious victims from jails in the time of terror and earthquakes. Jails are for criminals, and freedom is for all.