Royal Commissioner please investigate third party road accident Insurance

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Dear Commissioner Haynes,

I write to request that in the course of your inquiry you examine the way in which Compulsory Third Party insurers treat the victims of motor vehicle accidents who make a CTP claim.

If I commit fraud I go to Jail. If an Insurer commits fraud they go to lunch. It's too late for me. I'll never play piano again. This is a systemic problem. We need change for victims now and future. This is their last chance, their only chance.  

Commissioners, only you can hold these Insurers to account. Please take the extension of time the PM has promised. 

CTP Insurance is within your Terms of Reference but has not been investigated, Regulators not scrutinised, victims are slipping sadly through the cracks.  

The power imbalance effectively neutralises the insurance when a weakened individual has to take on a well resourced insurance company with an experienced litigation team that is fighting these cases all the time. The Regulators don't do anything, they don't enforce rules, they don't penalise breaches.

The CTP taken out by the owner of the car was intended by the State Government to cover situations like mine, the facts were supported by the police and the doctors, instead the insurance company refused to pay. This means I did not get the benefit of the insurance cover that the State Governments requires everyone to take out.

The Insurers are not acting in the Utmost Good Faith. 

They are acting in bad faith.

They go to lunch.

What do you need to investigate this? 

You have succeeded in highlighting the need for radical change in the culture of institutions investigated to date.  We applaud. 

Mais je desespere.

This is an area of the Insurance industry with different rules and different regulators. But the same greed. They are acting in bad faith and the consequences for victims and for our society is dire if you don't also hold this section of the industry to account. 

The PM has guaranteed you an extension of time. 

Please accept.

Accident victims are weakened and injured and demoralised, weakened financially when they can’t work and have medical costs, weakened morale by feeling helpless and hopeless and weakened from injuries, physical, mental and emotional. From hope in the future to a sudden bewildering nightmare of not being able to make ends meet, not able to afford to eat, pay bills, anything, no end in sight, trying to find a way through the maze and put the pieces of their life back together and it’s a life of hell.  

People suffer enough in the accident. They don't need a system where bad faith is the norm. Instead of support they find people who "tie up heavy, burdensome loads and lay them on their shoulders, not willing to lift a finger to move them". 

The photo was taken before the accident. I was working with music at a Hospice, a Rehabilitation Unit, an Acute Mental Health Unit and Drug and Alcohol Unit. I was also composing and recording. It was good. I had hopes. Then the accident.