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Australia will Not be The Worlds Predatory Safe Haven.

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Australia has a bad reputation. A reputation that is disgusting, disturbing and out right wrong.

Australia with its Decades of Predatory Offenders, continually being handed Punitive Sentences for Predatory Crimes.

Victimising the Victim, whilst continually Protecting Predatory Criminals.

Predatory Paedophiles are thriving in Australia. With No Political Party addressing the fast growing Inhumanity Seriously. 

How High does Predatory Behaviour go. We the People believe there is Enough Evidence to show that Predatory Behaviour and Offenders are being Hidden and Protected. Falsified Statistics and Continued lies to the Australian Community Members.

Here are some real Statistics for You. A Child is Abused in Australia every 1.4 seconds. In 2014 average Recorded Child Abuse Nationally was around 47,000 in One Year. Now let's look at 2016 average Recorded Child Abuse Nationally was at a Inhumane levelbof over 370,000. An increase if 500% Sadly A High Percentage of these are Victims to Sexual Abuse. And an even higher Percentage are in the Care of the Australian Goverment.

Over 500,000 Forgotten Australians over the past 6 Decades. 

In Australia We have Millions of Abused People living in fear. We have a very noticeable trend of handing down Ridiculously Low Sentences.

The People of Australian Communities have a few Questions and We would like them answered.

1st Question. - Why are Sex Offenders Continually given Non Custodial Sentences.

2nd Question. - Why are Sex Offenders Released from Prison and Housed across from Schools and Parks. This allows Children's Lives to be put at risk.

3rd Question. - Why are Sex Offenders allowed to run Businesses that have close contact to Children. We have No Sex Offender Notification for the General Public, how do We the Public know.

4th Question. - How come We have a Record Amount of Predatory Offenders within Our Government, Police Force, Judicial System. Education Departments, Health Services, Churches, Child Protection.

It is very clear that the Australian Goverment and Judicial System have No intention in reducing the Pandemic that is Child Abuse.

5th Question - With Multiple Government and Political Members being named in the New South Wales Royal Commission Into Sexual Abuse. Why are these Members that are still Serving and why has Nothing been done.

6th Question. - Why do We Not have a National Sex Offender Registry. We don't want a Registry that will Only name low and middle class Offenders. We Demand all Convicted Predators be named. Including the Hierarchy of Australia's Goverment, Media and Music Industry.

No More Secrets. No More hiding the Truth. No More 60 Year Suppression Orders Protecting Offenders from being tried in Courts. Allowing Victims to die with No Justice and No Accountability.

The Only logical reason the Australian Government would allow this to Continue, is because they are a very big part of the VIP, Elite Paedophiles Ring that is destroying Millions of Lives.

7th Question. - Why does Australia have the weakest Penalties in the World when dealing with Predatory Paedophiles.

Is Our Judicial System that Incompetent. Or as the Australian People see time after time. Is it True that Australia's Judicial System is  also manipulated and controlled by Predatory Paedophiles.

A Corrupt and Predatory Goverment and System are at work in Australia. Does the Australian Government enjoy watching Millions of Lives, continually being Traumatized.

We the Peoole of Australian Communities, demand an Independent Enquiry into Corruption and Predatory Behaviour within Australia's Goverment and Judicial System.

As Australia has continued to Change Laws and Legislation that Continue to give Sex Offenders more rights and Victims less.

Outright Disgusting and Inhumane. And We the People of Australia Demand that it STOPS Now.

The Australian People are very close to taking action into Our own hands. If You refuse to deal with these escalating acts of Violence and allow them to Continue.

We The People will have No Other Option than to take the role of Protecting Our Children into Our own hands.

We the People of Australian Communities. No Longer want Australia to be known as the Predatory Safe Haven of the World.

Hope You took Your time in Answering those Questions. There will be a Test at the End. If You fail. Millions of Australian Lives are at risk and in danger. If You Succeed You Save Millions of Lives.

Now here are some Requests/Demands

1st Request. - We Demand Action or We will Create Action. The Choice is Yours.

2nd Request - We Demand that the "Safe Schools Program" be removed from all Schools Australia wide. Instantly.

3rd Request - We Demand an end to Child Brides in Australia. Instantly.

4th Request - We Demand Accountability and Charges to be laid for any Judge that gives Punitive Sentences to Sex Offenders.

5th Request - We Demand that any Politician named as a Sexual Predator/Offender be Suspended without Pay. Until a Full Investigation is Completed. By an Independent, Non Government Investigation Team.

6th Request - We Demand You bring back the Law Of Carnal Knowledge. Meaning that if You have sex with a Minor, alleged consensual or not. You will he charged and convicted.

7th Request - We Demand a Minimum Sentence of 15 Years with No Parole be handed down to Child Abuses. If the Offender is a Person of Authority ( Who's role is to Protect Children ) The 15 Year mandatory Sentence is doubled and again No Parole. If the Crime is Sexual, A Sentence of Life in Prison with No Parole is to be handed down as punishment.

8th Request - We Demand that You get Serious about Protecting Children in Australia.

9th Request - We urge You to take this Petition Seriously and act on it with the  Urgency that is required.

10th Request -We Demand that the Australian People see positive progress by the End Of December 2018. Or be prepared to step down and be replaced with Someone more suited to Combating the Pandemic many of You have had a hand in creating.

Do Your Job or We will.

Signed. Ron Waters

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