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There is a worldwide epidemic of corruption by banks in mortgage lending. World leaders have done next to nothing to protect consumers.

We have documentary proof that Australia’s poorest people are being mired in debt by major banks. Loan applications have been fraudulently tampered with after signatures obtained. Banks used computer programmes to exaggerate incomes, approving unaffordable loans to low income people. The clear intention by banks was to deceive people and steal their homes. It has ruined a huge number of lives and damaged economies.

Spain, Greece, America, Cyprus, Iceland, UK and so many other countries are infected. Mortgage Fraud is illegal. Bank Directors are the engineers. This despicable business of preying on the poor and ageing, in the pursuit of ever more profit has got to stop.

BFCSA now launches a world-wide Save our Homes Campaign. Help us gain justice for the victims of bank mortgage fraud.

We are the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (Inc).  

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Letter to
Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister
Royal Commission into Banks and Mortgage Corruption