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Royal Commission - Call For An Investigation Into Yet Another Stolen Generation of Australian Children

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For My Own Son and the Many Other Children and Families Affected by the Unnecessary Removal of Children from Parental and Family Care......Please Sign and Support This Petition for the Open Investigation (Transparency) of Our Cases and the Call for Proper (Legal Right To Defend Equally) Justice by the Australian Public for Greater Support To Keep Families and Their Children Together....

It is time for Another Royal Commission into Yet Another Stolen Generation of Australian

Children By Our Family and Community Services. The New Stolen Generation are the children forcibly removed by State and Territory authorities from their families since the era of the “Forgotten Australians” ended in the late 1980’s to the current day using the discretionary term “In the best interests of the child” which is not legally defined in state and territory legislation.

Innocent children and families are being harmed daily by current State and Territory government practices and for many the damage being done will be lifelong.

Children are being forcibly removed from innocent parents and grandparents every day in Australia on false allegations. Some of these children are being forcibly adopted while children in need of intervention and protection are being ignored and left in unsafe environments to suffer further harm.

The Child Safety Authorities in Australia are not held accountable for their actions and this breads incompetence and corruption. Families in need of support are not given the help they need their families are just ripped apart resulting in unnecessary trauma.

There is NO external complaints mechanism in the Australian Child Protection Industry so evidenced complaints are NOT being investigated and the Department is NOT being held to account for their criminal misconduct and abuse of children in their care by anyone. Failures are being ignored and covered up.

The predominant qualification held by child safety workers is social work. Social Workers are NOT a registered Profession in Australia they have no Governing Body to establish and mandate codes of practice and conduct. No external Board is monitoring their performance to protect the public from the harm they are doing to children and families everyday. No one is holding these caseworkers accountable.

Child Safety workers are not registered Professionals yet the State and Territory Governments have given these child protection workers more power then any other Profession in Australia. They have unlimited power which they are abusing every day to steal children and destroy lives. Their opinions are made without adequate investigations, as evidence is not required in the secretive Care Courts. Parents are denied justice and deemed guilty in many instances because a caseworker has failed to validate allegations or lied in their affidavits.

Whilst the Government spares no expense on their legal representatives to steal children, parents and grand parents are not able to defend themselves adequately against false allegations. Their finances are limited, there are very few good private solicitors prepared to represent them against the government in Care Court and Legal Aid provides very limited funding resulting in inadequate defence of the innocent. There is an abusive imbalance of power denying justice to the innocent and ensuring the Government wins at all cost to the taxpayer.

The public are being deceived, the stealing of children from innocent parents is now common practice as a first response by the child protection industry to an often “anonymous” report not a last resort despite the overwhelming evidence that parents and grandparents are both willing and able to care for their children and despite the states having a statutory responsibility to help families, it is just not happening.

To steal a child until they turn 18 years old with no review when no crime has been committed is an unjust breach of human rights. Australian parents and children are treated worse then hardened criminals who have a right to adequate legal defence and are deemed innocent until proven guilty. Our children and families deserve better.

History has evidenced that the Government is the worst parent of all, children are being abused and murdered in their care and no one is being held accountable.

It is time for the Federal Government to hold the State and Territory Governments to account for their crimes against innocent families. Scrap the failed child protection system across the nation, stop stealing children and support families to stay safe and live together in the best interest of children, families and society.

Commissioner Tim Carmody has just handed down 101 recommendations after his one year investigation into the failings of the Child Protection System in Queensland and it is now up to the QLD state Government to decide to act on those findings, but states like NSW who have taken over 10 thousand more children then Queensland are not being investigated or held to account at all.

The systemic failings identified in the QLD Commission of inquiry are replicated in every state and territory in Australia. This is a National Crisis that requires a National intervention and response to save the New Stolen Generation and stop the stealing of children forever.

Commissioner Tim Carmody’s Final report and recommendations should be read by every person who cares about vulnerable children and wants to change a failing system to save our children from any further harm by state and territory governments. It can be downloaded at the following link:

It is time for the Federal Government to accept responsibility for the children of our Nation as the states and territories have a proven record of failure, are not held accountable and too many innocent lives are being destroyed.

Please support our petition - your family could easily become the next innocent Victim of Australia’s corrupt child protection industry.(written by Mary M.)

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