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RCVS elections

Hi all, I just wanted to drop everyone a quick line before the petition closes for good. Thank you again for being a part of making change happen. I have decided to stand for election to RCVS council this year, which goes against my lifelong policy of avoiding committees like the plague! I have thought long and hard about it and have come to the conclusion that continuing the process of change is probably more achievable from the inside now. If elected, I will take the simple message that vet welfare is essential for animal welfare, into everything that I am involved in. Candidates are announced in February and voting by MsRCVS (vets) takes place between mid-March to mid April. If you are a vet, or you know one, and you agree with my message, then I would be really grateful if you would consider voting, or persuading them to vote, for me. My email address is if you wish to contact me directly any time. Thank you and best wishes, Jo Dyer BVSc, MRCVS

Joanna Dyer
7 years ago