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Let's Regulate Vet Fees

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Dear RCVS members,

I'm writing to request a review of veterinary fees. There doesn't seem to be a regulatory body that would ensure that us - pet lovers are fairly and reasonably charged.

As the owner of two pets I have personally experienced high costs for their treatments. And only recently I have realised that different surgeries charge completely different fees. After few phone calls and an online research I've noticed that fees vary significantly between surgeries. I have received a quote for a procedures  and the variation between one surgery and another was over 100%. I was quick to make a complain to the surgery that charges double. But little did I know that all vet surgeries are highly lucrative businesses and are free to charge whatever they wish.

Both my pets are insured but one of them suffers from a chronic condition which has been excluded from the policy. Each time my pet requires a procedure to be performed I dread how big the bill is going to be this time. Even though invoices are itemised (therefore the fees are not hidden) the owners have no means of checking if they were charged correctly. It seems as it would be cheaper to treat your pet at one of the private surgeries for humans!

I'm positive that I'm writing this request on behalf of many pet owners and pet lovers to form a regulatory body so the fees are fair and justified. So we can be assured that owners altogether with the vets have the best interest of the pets at their hearts (not the profit they can make on the love to our pets!). Please help us ensure our pets receive all the care they need so no pet owner would ever have to make that one decision they always dread!

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