Get American crew members home!

Get American crew members home!

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We’ve all seen the dire shape that the cruise industry, and travel industry is in. It will likely take years to recover, if at all, and will have to vastly change its measures to ensure guest safety.

But what about the crew?

According to the CDC, there are over 80,000 crew members still at sea. Cruise line crew members have now been stranded onboard, without guests, for almost two months. And most ships are completely healthy, but healthy American citizens are still being denied entry into their own country.

As a crew member, I speak truthfully when I say no one on my ship has displayed symptoms of the Coronavirus, nor have we had any COVID-19 cases on my vessel. We have been adamantly following all guidelines and protocols instructed by the CDC with the hopes of coming home and are still left without an end date. We have isolated ourselves in 200 sq. foot cabins for 14 days with no windows, we wear masks all the time, we maintain a distant of 6 feet from anyone. We are monitored for hand washing at every meal, have designated dining times for meals, and have had our temperatures checked daily since February. Additionally, we have been cleaning and sanitizing our own rooms, as the rest of the ship is sanitized daily.

The CDC has barred cruise line crew members from traveling commercially, which means each company is now responsible for chartering flights for its crew. And with ships around the world, that is no easy feat. Companies have been submitting their repatriation plans to the CDC to get crew home, but from what we have been told, those plans are denied or not responded to. We’ve been given no confirmation on any travel, because no plans have been approved. We’ve gone for almost two months, hoping to receive some sort of confirmation, and still noting. It’s mentally exhausting and emotionally draining for people who just want to get home.

We don’t know or care who is at fault, as it’s a multifaceted issue, but the solution is clear: American crew members need to come home. We have been stranded during a crisis, and all but forgotten about. All seafarers, but specifically Americans, should not be discriminated against when all protocols have been followed and there is no legitimate reason why we can’t be allowed home

Please sign the petition to get American crew home soon, and demand better treatment for seafarers by governing bodies.