To have those who targeted Peace Officer Hampton investigated by ASIRT & held accountable.

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In 2018 a recorded conversation surface containing serious criminal misconduct of an RCMP Sergeant/Detachment Commander out of Evansburg, Alberta and the Chief Administrative Officer for the Summer Village of Seba Beach. This was reported to Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP, RCMP K-Division and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Peace Officer Program Complaint Department. 

The actions contained in the recording between Sgt. Topham and Susan Evans were clear that Sgt. Topham was counselling a witness in an ongoing investigation to provide false and misleading information and Ms. Evans agreed to mislead investigators. Even when investigators had received a copy of the recorded conversation they chose not to go off the evidence that proved the maliciousness and intent of bother Sgt. Topham and Susan Evans. 

Peace Officer Hampton was a target of Sgt. Topham shortly after he was posted Seba Beach, Sgt. Topham continually harassed and made false complaints about Officer Hampton. Susan Evans targeted Officer Hampton after he was injured while working and was taken off work due to PTSD. Ms. Evans began to make false allegations against Officer Hampton in order to have grounds to fire him due to him missing to much work. 

Both Sgt. Brian Topham and CAO Susan Evans are alleged to have committed criminal code offences in relation to the targeting of Peace Officer Hampton. It is also alleged that Members of the Alberta RCMP and Alberta Justice Peace Officer Investigators continued with investigations even after further evidence came to light that would call into question the reliability and motives of both Sgt. Topham and Susan Evans. Sgt. Topham had sent information to the Director of Law Enforcement Bill Sweeney (Ex-RCMP) that accused officer Hampton of being involved in the local drug trade, this information was contradicted by Sgt. Topham when he provided his testimony under oath when asked if he believed that Officer Hampton was involved in the local drug trade he stated that "he had no reason to believe officer Hampton was involved in the local drug trade". (Information from the preliminary hearing)

Sgt.Topham is also known for his views on Aboriginals, Females and other groups and has been written up for comments he has made. The RCMP has allowed him to continue active duty and supervise those under his command. Creating a risk to the public and those he may interact with. 

The Allegations against Sgt Topham and Susan Evans include but not limited to: 

  1. Perjury (multiple counts) Contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  2. Obstruction of Justice Contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  3. Breach of Trust  by a Public Officer Contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada
  4. Public Mischief Contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.
  5. Conspiracy to have some charged when knowing no offence had been committed contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. 

It is alleged and corroborated through evidence that Sgt. Topham knowingly provided false and misleading information to the Direct of Law Enforcement Bill Sweeney in order to have an investigation ordered against Peace Officer Hampton. Even though he would have had the authority to conduct the investigation and assign an investigator. It is alleged that Sgt. Topham did this due to the fact there was no supporting evidence to base his allegations and was simply to have Officer Hamptons  Peace Officer Appointment revoked allowing CAO Susan Evans grounds to fire him without a penalty from Workers Compensation due to him being injured on while working. 

These allegations can be supported through evidence and sworn testimony from  Preliminary Hearing. 

The lack of an impartial and fair investigation in relation to the RCMP investigators assigned to the allegations against Officer. Hampton became known when the recording surfaced and it became known that the Team Commander Inspector Dave Wilkinson of the Major Crimes Unit was also good friends of Sgt. Topham. As well other investigators from both the RCMP and Peace Officer Program can be linked to having worked in the same RCMP Detachment or would have worked with Sgt. Topham. This caused an extreme bias and ultimately led to Officer Hampton being arrested on (7) criminal charges and being held in custody for 18 hours while being interviewed. Officer Hampton was only charged with (1) offence of the Interception of Private Communications as the other charges did not meet the burden of proof.

The Charge against Officer Hampton was stayed in December of 2019 after a preliminary hearing was held and the evidence that witnesses provided was contradictory and called into question and that there were likely concerns due to the testimony and no longer has any charges against him. The Alberta Justice and Peace Officer Program is still pushing for a code of conduct against officer Hampton even after the evidence and motives of Sgt. Topham and Susan Evans became apparent. 

It is being alleged that this charge was only done to suppress the recorded conversation that took place between Sgt. Topham and Susan Evans on November 13 2018, the same day both were to be interviewed by investigators in relation to their allegations against Officer Hampton. It also was learned that after Ms.Evans learned of the recorded conversation she accused officer Hampton of breaking into her desk, despite CCTV that was recording in the office did not show any such criminal activity by Officer Hampton and is believe to have been retaliation for the recording and a way to further try and discredit him. 

Officer Hampton continues to fight to restore his name and status as a Peace Officer and it is becoming apparent that those who are investigating Officer Hampton are also Ex-RCMP and have ties to the same Detachment and alleged to have worked with Sgt. Topham. Due to the nature of the allegations against Officer Hampton, this has affected his ability to work and the risk of losing his career. The allegations against officer Hampton due to the position he holds would have seen harsher sentencing as the Court System would have held him to a higher standard and he would have like faced years of imprisonment due to these false allegations and the biased investigation.   

As of June 20, 2020 RCMP Correspondence showed that the RCMP chose to not consider the complaint against Sgt. Topham as serious or sensitive in nature. Even with the amount of evidence to support the allegations against him both by the recording and his and other witness testimony from Preliminary Hearing would show that Criminal Acts had been committed. 

We request that the Independent Police Review Body be assigned and they allow the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) to investigate these allegations of serious criminal misconduct as falls within their mandate and it is obvious that the RCMP Alberta is choosing to try and minimize the actions of all of those involved in the prosecution and investigation against Officer Hampton.

ASIRT's vision – to enhance public confidence and ensure accountability in the investigation of serious or sensitive incidents involving Alberta's police – can only be achieved through the continued pursuit of investigative excellence, and the principled maintenance of ASIRT's integrity, objectivity and independence.

Officer Hampton has been a Peace Officer in Alberta since 2007, he is a father of two and married, he is the sole income provider for his family. He continues to fight for justice and is a strong advocate for Accountability, Equality and building positive relations in the communities he has proudly served. 

Justice for Officer Hampton and others who have faced similar situations needs to be dealt with and those involved need to be held accountable for the actions and inactions of all involved in the investigation and prosecution of such acts.  

  • Sgt. Brian Topham and Susan Evans 
  • The RCMP Investigators assigned to investigate officer Hampton 
  • The Director of Law Enforcement who approved the investigation without proof or evidence.
  • Alberta Justice Peace Officer Program Investigators 
  • The RCMP Officer(s) tasked with Investigation the complaint and allegations against Sgt. Brian Topham. 

All who participated and continued with this need to be held accountable for this injustice, either from their actions or inactions as we expect and require in our society as well as due to the position of trust and power they hold. PLEASE HELP hold those accountable and sign and share this petition. THANK YOU your support is appreciated.