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RCMP investigation into NL Political Corruption

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In Newfoundland and Labrador we have a history of corrupt politicians.  There have already been some investigated, charged and found guilty.  

With the current state of our province, I feel it is time for our Federal Police Force to stand up for the vicitims and get to the root of where and how our tax dollars are being spent.  Our lives, the lives of our officers, medical responders and so on, should not be put second to the Provincial Governments party games.  I am only touching right now on one aspect that is affecting everyone's safety: winter road conditions.  There are many other decisions that risk lives, starve children and the list goes on.  

I am calling on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to complete a thorough investigation for as far back as they can to expose any and all corruption in our provincial political system.

Personally, I have sent many emails to our MHAs to get them to see what is happening is wrong.  But they still support this corruption.  I have had enough of watching them hide, use Police force when it wasn't needed, refuse access to public washrooms, etc.  Again, in less than a year we could compile a list a mile long.  

I want answers for my three children.  I want answers to ensure they will grow up in a province that can actually afford to keep them safe.  At school, on a bus, driving our roads.

I want the books wide open when it comes to spending, hiring, firing, etc, at the government level.  

All the years of investing money that our province didn't have in projects our province couldn't afford needs to be exposed and these people need to pay personally.  They were elected to make the BEST decision for the province.  And that obviously has not been happening.  The $100 million that is missing from the provincial pension fund is a prime example.  Muskrat Falls is another prime example.  

I am ready for change!  I am ready to take this party system and the corruption to the courts.  I hope the province will stand with me before we allow Ball to fight with our unions to decrease pay scales, to issue another cut and increased taxes budget.

Lets UNITE NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR!!!  We can not afford this government!  Show them we have had ENOUGH!  

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