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Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Find who blackmailed and bullied Amanda Todd and have them charged and convicted of manslaughter!

This Beautiful girl was pushed way too far and treated horribly, which led her to commit suicide, I myself have almost turned to suicide before at a younger age and have friends that actually have.. it's so sad and nobody ever realizes until their precious lives are lost.
Amanda made a simple mistake what 12 that shouldn't have followed her anywhere. Bullying has gone overboard and I believe it needs to be stopped. She moved twice and changed schools 3 times. She was stalked throughout this and harassed and beaten.. These people need to be brought to justice and convicted of manslaughter.. How could you make fun of someone drinking bleach? That is so inhumane and makes me sick. Pornstar? I'm sure many girls have flashed and were skanks that harassed her.. Nobody is better or different in this world and people need to realize you are no better than anyone, espically if you're bullying some because you think they are a "loser" and nobody will care..
WE CARE!! My condolences go to Amanda's family and close friends if there are real ones.. If you have not heard this story please go to

Please support this BC teen so she can rest in peace and we can help to end bullying!
I believe the guy who sent the photo and the couple who enjoyed harassing, embarrassing and hurting her should all be charged and probably even more were involved.. I believe bullying is a HUGE issue for teens in Canada and hope we can come together and try to stop it!
Thank you..
Now lets do this!

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