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I was scanned at Bournemouth hospital during pregnancy, they had difficulty finding blood flow from her heart, when approached they admitted this but ASSUMED it was down to my high BMI and so didnt note this down for my baby just to be checked at birth. Instead my daughter has suffered the worst journey possible over something that could of been changed through a 2 minute pulse oximetry test at birth.

A 2 minute pulse oximetry test does not harm the baby in any way, but it can save your babys life. 1 in 100 babies are born with a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) .. Most are detected during scans, some are not. But had Bournemouth Hospital noted down their difficulties whether concerned or not, My daughter would not of had to endure 6 cardiac arrests 2 respitary arrests, open heart surgery (whilst critical), and brain damage. She still would of needed Open Heart Surgery, but she would of been taken if not born in Southampton General At birth and treated straight away. She would not of died so many times and been resuscitated so many times or even suffered from brain damage had they of noted their difficulties down.

Please sign this petition and make this hospital realise that their actions have cost my child a healthy normal life and we now face the unknown with this life limiting condition.

all it would of taken was one simple note stating they ''had difficulty finding outflow but feel this may of been due to mums BMI please double check baby at birth''. SIMPLE !! And would of saved her life alot sooner.

 Since starting this petiiton our little lady passed away 1st October 2013 aged just 9 months and 3 weeks old. This should never have happened and wouldnt have happened had Bournemouth Hospital done their jobs properly through my pregnancy!!

We set up charity in Memory of our little lady to help raise awareness of congenital heart disease and provide leaflets to pregnant women so they can ask their sonographer 5 important questions to check the babies heart so they too dont have to face the heart ache and negligence we faced by Bournemouth Hospital.

Letter to
CASTLE LANE WEST, BOURNEMOUTH Cheif Executive Royal Bournemouth Hospital Tony Spotswood
My Daughter suffered the worst start to life.
She was born with a congenital Heart defect. I was scanned on more than one occasion to check the outflow of the heart due to difficulties finding this.

Instead we was told ''I have no doubt its ok its sometimes difficult to find these things''
We put our trust in your sonographers.

Sadly we were so close to saying goodbye and burying our baby before she reached a week old due to the lack of information given.

There was no note to test baby at birth, no notes to say there were problems finding the outflow. Something which could of saved my daughter from suffering so much.

Thankfully .. thanks to southampton hospital my daughter IS still alive but at a major cost.

When I put my complaint in, Iwas then sent a letter back informing me that they did have difficulties but put it down to my high BMI.

Rude Offensive and down right incompetent.
Had the sonographer noted down there were difficulties and had the sonographer noted down to check baby at birth .. we would not be facing the difficulties we are now.

It doesnt take long to write down a simple note.
It doesnt take long for a baby to have a pulse ox test to find out either

Please Please Please re-train your sonographers to note down all findings or non findings so another family doesnt have to suffer like we have done.

CHD KILLS. would you like it to be your child ??

Neglect like this costs babies lives.

Since starting this petition we have only heard from you once. Because of the complete neglect of not sending me for further testing at a specialist heart unit my daughter has now lost her life.

If Megan was seen and treated FROM BIRTH we would not of had to go through the arrests she did or her lung and brain problems (these were all caused because we wasnt sent for further testing during pregnancy and so at birth megan arrested and lack of oxygen to her brain caused brain damage) THIS COULD OF BEEN AVOIDED INSTANTLY!!

Because of these problems it then meant Megan was too weak to under go any more surgery and would not of survived bypass and so we had to make the worst decision a parent should not have to make. To turn her life support off. AND YOU CAUSED THIS !! 3 OUT 4 SCANS showed difficulty that should of rang alarm bells straight away ... I was neglected in your care and therefore my daughter was neglected with a serious condition that KILLED HER !! You have promised time and time again to not only ourselves but the local papers that you would be in touch and still we have not heard anything .. This is NOT good service! It is now 7 months since my dear Megan passed away and yet we have still not heard anything from yourselves.

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