Save Devon Way Youth Centre

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Save Devon Way Youth Centre

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Dave Bixby started this petition to Royal Borough of Kingston

The youth service in Kingston, run by Achieving for Children, have put the closures of the boroughs youth centres up for consultation. The Devon Way Youth centre is vital for children and young people, not only in the south of the borough but for many across the borough.

Without the Devon Way centre, many children and young people with learning and other disabilities will not have access to vital clubs that, not only creates community for them, but empowers and encourages independence and development.

The clubs that run from the centre are:

Devon Way Inters Youth Club

For young people in school years 6 to 8 who live in the South of the Borough

Devon Way Seniors Youth Club

For any young people in school years 9 to 12 who live in the South of the Borough.


For Any Body (FAB) Club

For children and young people aged 8 to 21 regardless of ability, learning difficulty, race, sexuality, and religious beliefs. We see the person beneath and encourage members to have a go, develop independence and become active and functional members of their community.


PAYP South

Positive activities for young people (PAYP) is for young people aged 11 to 16 who are referred from professional bodies and need additional support in their leisure time.


Teenage Activity Group (TAG)

Empower and optimise the potential of young people, who have a disability, between the ages of 15 and 25 who either live, learn or earn in the Royal Borough of Kingston.

YORDA Adventures

A group that supports 100 children with severe learning disabilities through games and activities

Closing the centre will have a huge impact on well being and development of all these children and young people.

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This petition had 329 supporters

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