Save Wornington Green Estate Trees in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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Save Wornington Green Estate Trees in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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Constantine Gras started this petition to Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council (Deputy Leader)

Please continue signing this petition calling upon the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Catalyst Housing to save the threatened trees on Wornington Green Estate in North Kensington, London, England. 

Nearly 100 mature London trees have already been felled in the first 9 years of regeneration without any like for like mitigation because Catalyst Housing are following a 2010 masterplan that is not fit for purpose. It was not wanted at the time by residents and we have felt its destructive impact in terms of tree loss and the building of luxury flats that no one wants in North Kensington. 

This petition is a continuation of the amazing support we received from 1800 supporters. And we managed to save 2 trees. Although, sadly, 33 trees were cut down in March 2021 by Catalyst Housing who refused to meet residents and ignored the recommendations of the council to pause the regeneration and consult. 

And 7 lovely cherry blossom trees are due to be felled imminently in Athlone Gardens. 

Catalyst say they need to fell the trees in order to deliver the regeneration of Wornington Green. We disagree. They say they cannot change their planning designs to build around the trees. We say they must.

Catalyst say they will plant more semi-mature London plane trees in the next phase of regeneration, but have not told us when and where. We believe there is no like for like mitigation for what we have lost and so all tree felling must be ceased immeadiately until a proper tree plan is made in consultation with residents. 

The trees on our estate and in the adjacent park are essential for improving air quality in a heavily polluted part of the borough next to the A40 Westway. The estate has been a building site since 2011 and will remain so until at least 2028. We need to save these trees not just for the mental and physical health of residents and locals, but to maintain biodiversity and protect the habitat used by hundreds of birds and squirrels. 

Please write on behalf to:

Catalyst's Managing Director of New Homes

and Leader of RBKC Council

Ask how many trees have been cut down in the first 10 years of the regeneration of Wornington Green estate, on top of the 33 trees that were felled in March 2021?

How many have been replanted? What types of trees and where?

Is there any mitigation for the catastrophic loss of mature trees in one of the most heavily polluted parts of London?

Ask Catalyst to consult with the community as they were urged to by RBKC Council.

And ask Catalyst and RBKC to update their 10 year old masterplan and redesign around the trees for phase 2B and 3 of the Wornington Green regeneration.

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This petition had 2,241 supporters