Bring back the barriers from Elkstone road until Chepstow road for Notting Hill Carnival

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Annually designers and mas bands invest financially and work extremely hard to create beautiful costumes that form an integral part of the London Notting Hill Carnival, for the last 2/3 years barriers have been removed to filter out the general public on the lead up to the judging zone. This year by far was the worst especially through the judging zone which is of the upmost importance to masqueraders and mas bands alike as it is where bands get to compete, show off the beauty of the costumes and express their deeply stemmed Caribbean culture. This year they saw 1000s of general public who had not paid to be with bands mix with bands, ruin costumes, trample masqueraders and bottles thrown. People have paid money to experience a safe and enjoyable experience, Carnival to all who participate in it is not just a yearly occurrence it is OUR CULTURE and contribution to both community and society.

The purpose of this petition is to push for the bringing back of the barriers from "Elkstone road to Chepstow road" for Notting hill carnival to ensure masqueraders get to enjoy the carnival safely and are judged without the general public who do not pay for that experience. Having the barriers also provides a short period of relief and safety for masqueraders. What was seen on the road this year considering the Sunday is for Children's mas was far from safe.

Please share and sign this petition so we can get back what is ours!