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"If you encourage people to put down roots, they will bloom and make the world   nicer for everyone."

The mission of the Pharaoh Project is to breathe life into the area known as the Pettman Crescent Underpass by covering it with a biodome and developing the space underneath and around it. This development would include the creation of:

  • units
  • shops
  • stalls
  • market area
  • stage
  • toilets
  • greenery

Cover will be provided from the elements by the biodome.

The area will be actively maintained by a permanent onsite presence.

The development will be far enough away from homes to minimise disturbance (eg noise).

Rights of way will be maintained.

We, the undersigned, understand the pharaoh projects objectives and wish to see the area known as Pettman Crescent Underpass developed as a community asset by the Pharaoh Project. We offer our support to the Pharaoh Project to manage the area and deliver a safe, 24/7, 365 days/year green area for everyone to enjoy: