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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Why this petition matters

Started by Charles Donlan

Say NO to the proposed brutalist new-build towering over the much-loved Westfield Park - a prized Chelsea park located in the heart of the Lots Road conservation area

Please sign the petition to:

  1. Say NO to an out-of-control building project increasing further the population density of the Lots Road Village area. Stop or reduce the addition of more new housing on the edge of our precious small park
  2. Plans to redevelop Cheyne Nursery should not be at the cost of the quality of life to local residents
  3. Reduce Height – Any building on this site should not be more than 2 storeys high
  4. Redesign Tower - The architectural design of any building should be in keeping with the surrounding conservation area
  5. Preserve and enhance our much-loved Westfield Park - Any new development should add more greenery to the area (especially to the rose garden) and enhance the park and children’s amenities

What’s happening?

  • RBKC intends to rebuild the old Cheyne nursery and add a substantial housing development on top of the nursery. The site is situated on the northern side of Westfield Park

Why are local residents against the development?

  1. We already live in one of RBKC’s most Densely Populated Areas. This area is one of the most densely populated areas in RBKC and London even BEFORE the completion of the Chelsea Waterfront development
  2. Lack of Green Space. The small Westfield Park is an essential oasis of greenery in this area saturated with houses and people. People from surrounding areas also flock here, in particular to the children’s playground).  The park is often so packed with people and noise that adding any more people to this small patch of green space would be unbearable and potentially damaging to the local environment
  3. Architectural design. A picture is worth a thousand words…. RBKC have chosen an architectural design that shows no respect to the surrounding Conservation Area.  It is ironic any resident doing renovation work in a conservation area must follow very strict standards to preserve the architectural character of the area… but it seems these rules don't apply to RBKC…..

We need more green space to allow residents to breathe !

What about the RBKC consultation process?

  • The Consultation Process conducted by RBKC has been flawed from the outset. The local community was never presented with honest options for the site. We were never presented with options for a Nursery alone (without added housing), or a different use public building altogether or even extending the much-needed green space onto the site. We were simply asked whether we wanted 5, 6 or 7 storeys, when many people wanted no storeys
  • The community feels railroaded by this process. We woke up one morning to a picture of a hideous 5 storey block on the edge of our beautiful Westfield Park – totally out of keeping with the nature of the Lots Village Conservation Area.  RBKC continues to mispresent the community’s views in their determination to press ahead with this unwanted project

How can we work together to stop this unwanted development?

  • We appeal to Chelsea residents to support our Petition and help us save this unique corner of Chelsea. 
  • We are at ‘Stage Three Consultations’ and RBKC will be putting in for Full Planning in the Week beginning 13th Dec 2021 – the process is well advanced and time is running short to alter these proposals
  • Individuals can also express their views directly to RBKC through the consultation process at: www.rbkc.gov.uk/new-homes-cheyne
402 have signed. Let’s get to 500!