Keep the new memorial for Dambusters' dog

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Thank you!

Hi all, I just wanted to reach out to thank you all for signing this petition. I value every single signature made by every single person. It may not seem like a lot of signatures but the petition is a success.

I think it is extremely unlikely that the RAF will reinstate the racial slur. I never really had any fear over that.

However, what I did fear was people in Lincolnshire and people outside Lincolnshire believing that we all wanted the racial slur back on the stone. What I wanted to do was to show the world (and that’s no exaggeration as I have seen this story reported on in other countries) that there are people that are happy with this change. I wanted to show people that we support the decision made by the RAF and you have all done that just by signing the petition. That is why it is a success.

I am very grateful, thank you. 

Ben Murrell
9 months ago