Petition to make my History teacher Congresswoman for NC's 3rd Zone.

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North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district representative Walter Jones passed away recently, leaving Governor Roy Cooper to schedule a special election to find a trustworthy and capable leader to complete Jones’ last two years as a representative. An outstanding individual for this position would be Camden Early College High School’s own history teacher, Pam Djigounian. Mrs. Djigounian is an upstanding woman who has no affiliation with activities or groups that would besmirch her good name, and as a history teacher, her job is to teach her students to make decisions as contributing members of society, standing up for what they believe is right. Walter Jones has left a legacy as an individual who opposed party leaders when he believed they were not right and who acted with integrity throughout his time as a representative. Mrs. Djigounian is a woman capable of living up to this legacy and should be strongly considered as a candidate for the representative of North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district.