Defend trans health care and oppose NC SB-514 and SB-515!

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On April 5th, 2021, Senate Bill 514, the “Youth Health Protection Act” was introduced into the North Carolina General Assembly by Senators Ralph Hise, Warren Daniel and Norman Sanderson. SB 514 would prohibit health care providers in North Carolina from providing gender affirming care to transgender and gender nonbinary youth as well as adults below the age of 21. SB 515 provides a license to discriminate that would further put in danger the health and well-being of the trans communities. Both SB 514 and SB 515 are blatant attacks on the rights of transgender people, especially trans youth.

These bills also permanently ban state funds from being used for gender affirming care.  This includes the State Employee's Insurance plan (already banned), medicaid, public health and community health centers, charity care and many more.  This would affect 10s of thousands of trans adults and permanently ban their health care.

These bills are being pushed by reactionary right-wing groups and politicians to try and pass an extremist agenda.  That sinister agenda include banning health care, outing trans youth to the government and their parents, enshrining protections for anti-trans discrimination in health care and prohibiting hospitals and licensure bodies from taking corrective action in response to discrimination.

It is vital for everyone to sign this petition and make their voice of opposition to this extremist anti-trans agenda heard!