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We request sensible gun control laws.

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

 You have been named in this petition because according to a recent New York Times article following the Las Vegas mass shooting, you are among the top career recipients of NRA funding.  You have been named in this petition because now is the time…

  • Now is the time for each of you to take your hand out of the NRA’s pocket and put the American people in your hearts.
  • Now is the time for each of you to put heartfelt action behind each of those thoughts and prayers.
  • Now is the time for each of you to step up, be pro-active and make a difference.
  • Now is the time to put aside political/personal gain because you have the power to stop the next Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Roseburg, OR, San Bernardino, CA, Pulse Nightclub, Las Vegas, or Sutherland Springs. 
  • Now is the time because you work for us. 

 Following the Las Vegas mass shooting, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin tweeted this message: To all those political opportunists who are seizing on the tragedy in Las Vegas to call for more gun regs…You can’t regulate evil…- Governor Matt Bevin

While we may not be able to “regulate evil”, shame on all of us if we simply choose to roll over and let evil win. I think we can agree that gun deaths…whether by mass shooting, by one on one homicide, by domestic violence, by suicide, or by an accidental shooting of a child by another child…have become an epidemic in today’s society…a human health concern.  Calls for a swift end to a preventable infectious disease epidemic would be met with prompt action, not contempt.

 As an educator of twenty-six years, I believe that education is power…a sentiment that I feel certain most people believe.  It only stands to reason that an educated and properly trained gun owner is a responsible gun owner.  Licensing laws, like the ones recommended by the Giffords Law Center, require individuals to undergo a “background check, complete[d] a safety training course, and pass[ed] written and performance-based tests” in order to “show[ing] that the applicant knows relevant gun laws and how to safely load, fire, and store a gun.”  The Center goes on to share data from a variety of studies proving that these laws result in a reduction in gun deaths. 

However; GLC also states “…laws requiring gun owners to register their firearms ensure gun owner accountability and help law enforcement solve crimes and disarm criminals. Despite the clear advantages inherent in registration laws, few states have such laws on the books—and some prohibit them outright.”  Only two states, Hawaii and the District of Columbia, require all firearms to be registered while eight states prohibit any sort of registration of firearms. 

A November 6th, 2017, New York Times editorial by Nicholas Kristof shares the following comparison between two states, Missouri and Connecticut, and the gun death statistics following changes in their gun laws.  “For skeptics who think that gun laws don’t make a difference, consider what happened in two states, Missouri and Connecticut. In 1995, Connecticut tightened licensing laws, while in 2007 Missouri eased gun laws.

The upshot? After tightening gun laws, firearm homicide rates dropped 40 percent in Connecticut. And after Missouri eased gun laws, gun homicide rates rose 25 percent.”  Kristof offers a number of common sense solutions to this pandemic in our country.  I invite each of you to read this article.

Sensible gun registration, universal background checks, and gun safety training requirements are small proven steps that will save American lives.   It is simply un-American to roll over and give up on a problem.  It is unacceptable to simply give into evil. It’s not what good people do.  

So…. now is the time for you to act.   


Margaret Archer Zimmer


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