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Resign from Office Senator Roy Blunt

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To date the record of Senator Blunt has been one to stand with party lines not vote for the constituents he was elected to serve. It is clear that Senator Blunt can be bought and will continue to make decisions, not based on what is right and good, but will make decisions that serve to ensure he only advances his own political agenda. 

The people of Missouri and our country deserve someone who will fight to uphold values and laws tha protect everyone! 

Currently, Senator Blunt has cast his support for billionaire Betsy DeVos, has stepped up support for Sessions. Sessions, the attorney general nom, has a long standing history of discrimination and bias. He wil not protect the integrity of the laws that everyone should be held accountable to. And finally Senator Blunt has shown unwavering support for a President who in the first three weeks of office has set forth a culture of hate, fear, and "alternate facts." 

Senator Blunt. It is time you resign. You are not fit to represent the People of the Great State of Missouri. 

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