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Foreign Born Children Legally Adopted By US Parents, No Need For Citizenship Papers

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Why does the US Government require that Children that are foreign born but legally adopted by U.S. Citizens need a US Citizenship paper? 

President Clinton signed the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 which confers US Citizenship automatically upon certain foreign-born children, including those adopted by citizens of the United States, who do not acquire US Citizenship at birth.

President Clinton offered the following words in a White House press release; "Under prior law, foreign-born adopted children could by subject to removal if they did not acquire US Citizenship after being brought to the United States -- even if they had lived their lives since infancy in the United States. While this Act will not remedy past cases where adopted children were deported, it will ensure that this unfortunate possibility will be eliminated for most non-citizen adopted children under the age of 18 and for all noncitizen children adopted into US households in the future. I welcome this action to support families who adopt foreign-born children by removing an unnecessary impediment to citizenship for these and other foreign-born children."

Now, the U.S. Government is stating that that law is no longer in effect and is urging parents to obtain a U.S. Citizenship paper for the unrealistic price of $550.00, and now are saying that the price will double after December 23, 2016.  When children are adopted from a foreign country, all legal paperwork is completed in that country, and in the United States to bring that child home to U.S. soil.  This is unfair and unjustified that U.S. Citizens are required to obtain a piece of paper from our government stating that they are indeed a U.S. Citizen.

For an Example:  My daughter who is now 20 years old was adopted from China in 1997 at the age of 6 months old by two U.S. Citizens.  She has a valid U.S. Passport, attended public schools, has a U.S. Social Security Number, full-time college student, works and pays taxes.  Yet the U.S. Government is recommending that she pay $550.00 for a single piece of paper that states she is a U.S. Citizen.

This is unfair and unjustified.  Please help me stop this! 

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