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Hi everyone, I'm looking to get the word around and asking for your assistance.

The Crowsnest Pass is a small town in Alberta, Canada. Just near the border of British Columbia. 

We are in a severe cat crisis. Many of these cats lives are at risk and they need our help. Please watch the video below if you haven't already.

My coworker and I have worked with the gentleman in the video for the past 2 years. Without his help, many of the cats we have rescued would not be alive today.
We have been in a constant battle with the town as being part of TNR. They have brought in new rules that make it very difficult to help the situation, and they do nothing to help. They will (and have already) trap the cats and euthanize them. That's their way of solving the problem. They work against their community and do not listen to what their people have to say. 

This is CRIMINAL. This is NOT right.

As part of the Community of the Crowsnest Pass we ask the town to:

  • Exempt colony care-givers from town bylaws as long as cats are spayed and neutered.
  • Set aside funds for spay and neuter subsidies for TNR.
  • Formally reach out to Petsmart charities, asking them to provide emergency spay/neuter assistance in the area. 

Anyone who is opposed to the killings of these innocent cats, and the injustice the town is causing their people  - PLEASE take a minute to sign this petition, we need to be heard. We need to stand together and speak for those who can't.