For Confederation of Activists of The Venus Project

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This petition is for everyone who is not indifferent to the concept of Venus project. Our organization was created as a counterbalance to the current situation, which is ruining humanity. But "a good idea without action is nothing". And now we need something new that could take Venus to the next level. We must form an International Council to deal with important issues related to the achievement of the objectives of the Venus project. "Why is it necessary?"many of you will be asked. The reasons are as follows.

1) The current actions of the organization are not significant. Because of this, most just does that watching videos with Jacques Fresco and dreams of a new world. We don't want pampered their goals, we must persistently and boldly go to him!

2) We need to admit that Roxanne Meadows as all people will die sooner or later. What will happen when the project is left without its chief curator? Who's going to organize everything? All these issues are solved by the International Council, the features of which will be described below.

3) the Top of the project is not accountable for its actions. What they are doing, knows only the inner circle but not new entered person. What is our money spent on? What Roxanne is building? These and other questions are told to us generally and do not want to introduce us to the details. We need a regulatory body on the part of the people. And that will provide us with an International Council.

4) We are told that capitalism will collapse by itself but this is a mistake. Today's economists know how to avoid it. It is also not practical to wait for 200-300 years for people to evolve and become more humane. In fact, as long as people live in the monetary system - they will not lead and finger to change and do something for the benefit of their planet. In the next 200-300 years, the Earth may not become.

Therefore, we should form the International Council for the solution of important problems related to the achievement of the goals of the Venus project. It will be organized in the following way. TVP groups will be formed in cities of different countries. In these groups, the groups will be appointed, by voting, coordinators who can be relied upon and who will organize different activities(coordinators have no authority over the group members). From such groups, a Board of Coordinators will be formed. He will coordinate actions in countries and appoint two or three people from the country to the International Council of the Venus project. The so-called International Council will discuss the annual tactics of the organization and discuss issues related to the world of the future. The Council will also report on the consumption budget which is spent on certain activities. In the case of an unexpected event in the near future will be appointed by the meeting.

Our organization has long been inactive and the future seems very dark. To avoid a terrible fate and save our planet, we need to convince Roxanne Meadows to create a similar structure for the organization. Therefore, this petition was created. Sign it and promote it on social media. And together we will achieve our goal!

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