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Deskilled workforce to become the new face of NRMA

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Advertisements have been placed for NRMA Roadside Responders which clearly stipulate that no formal automotive technician qualifications are required with the only requirement being experience in the automotive trade being essential (what does this mean exactly)? Inclusive to this is a high emphasis on customer service. So lets forget about the importance of a qualified and skilled workforce and focus only on being courteous and smiling.

What about the skills?Does this mean working in a fuel station for many years, working as a salesperson in a car yard, or someone with a general interrest in vehicles can apply. No formal qualification.....

Lets pull this apart. What exactly will  NRMA roadside assist members be paying for?  This is an advertisement enticing a new deskilled workforce. What this means is that gone are the days where you were stranded in the middle of nowhere,possibly in the middle of the night and knowing when that famous  NRMA vehicle turned the corner and you saw the flashing lights you reached an instantaneous state of calm and thought everything will be alright.

The potential problems to this new recruitment drive are high and costly particularly to members. These potential new problems will range from but not limited to increased tows, the misdiagnosing of vehicle problems, further damage to member vehicles, risk to safety of members, premiums increasing and a decline in the credibility of what used to be a well known brand nationally. Lets also talk about the paying members. They will now be paying between $110 to $383 dollars per calendar year to have an unqualified "pseudo" automotive technician attempt to diagnose the issues relating to their breakdown.

Does this mean that anyone on a working visa from overseas will be employed on a minimal wage because they have no formal qualification as a means of cost cutting?Does it mean that anyone who has an interest in the automotive trade and has "experience" in changing a battery, charging a battery or changing a tyre can apply? 

This isnt the way to go NRMA. I am all for change management but not at the expense of financial members.

Please sign this petition to ensure NRMA remains reputable and credible and not a mickey mouse brand.

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