Let's Create Food Forests in Rowan County!

Let's Create Food Forests in Rowan County!

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Angela Rowe started this petition to Rowan County City Council and

In Kentucky, approximately 644,540 people are facing hunger - and of them roughly 179,030 are children. There is an estimated reported need of $302,792,000/yr more to meet food needs. In Kentucky, there are 40.6% of households receiving SNAP benefits with children in the household.

Specific to Rowan County, the number of food insecure persons is approximately 4,290, 17.6 % food insecurity rate, 65% Below SNAP threshold of 130% poverty, facing an estimated food budget shortfall of $1,971,000. 

(*Numbers are pre-pandemic and at least 3 years old).  

What is a food forest? Food forests are low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production and agroforestry systems that incorporate fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, perennial vegetables, etc. to create a sustainable source of local food. Community food forests have other benefits which include attracting and supporting birds and pollinators. 

They offer many avenues to partnership with schools, community groups, and citizens to maximize opportunities to educate the public about where their food comes from and what can be grown locally while addressing food insecurities and deserts. It offers all an opportunity to be a driver of change and helping our neighbors by cultivating a community dedicated to building equitable food systems for all people while being good stewards of our native environment.

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