We need a recycling system and forks in the diners that don’t go straight into landfill!

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Roundhay School produces tonnes of landfill waste each year, and Carillion (who used to run our services) refused to do anything about it. But now we’re getting a new company, and they must be forced to change something.

 Our heavy use of plastic forks in the diners (that don't even function properly as forks anyway, always chopping pasta in half etc...) is unessesary - especially as plastic cutlery takes 1000 years to decompose in landfills... we need better forks anyway, so why not get more environmentally friendly ones?

We also produce SO much paper waste (think of all the textbook printouts you get) that could so easily be put in a recycling bin and it's ridiculous that we don't. 

As one of the biggest schools in the country, we have a social and environmental responsibility to fix this.

Your signature could solve the problem and help us pressure the right companies to make a change.

Thanks ahead-

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