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Make Round Rock Plastic Bag Free

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I am Maylin Green, a Senior at Round Rock High School and I believe that it's time for Round Rock to make a step towards a cleaner tomorrow and ban the use of all plastic bags at our stores and retail centers.
Plastic bags are very lightweight, and can travel long distances by wind and water. They litter our landscapes, get caught in fences and trees, float around in waterways, and can eventually make their way into the world’s oceans. Plastic bags also never break down. Petroleum-based plastic bags do not ever truly degrade. What does occur is that when out in the environment, the plastic breaks up into small pieces that end up in the ocean to be consumed by wildlife. Today, there are an estimated 46,000 plastic pieces floating within every square mile of our world’s oceans. Every living organism in the ocean or that lives off the ocean has a considerable amount of plastic in their system. When we eat seafood, we are getting that same plastic in ourselves as well. To ensure a cleaner future, it is essential that we make this change as soon as we can.

Plastic bags are a thing of the past that, today, costs us 10 million barrels of oil to create each year. Please sign this petition if you care about the future of our oceans, our wildlife and our planet.
Thank you so much for your time!
-Maylin Green

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