Support Affordable New Homes north Waiteti river by 4th generation local who ❤s Ngongotaha

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This message is going out to residents and families of Ngongotaha, Waiteti and Awahou and to Ngati Ngararanui Hapu.

“We want to create a place for people to put down roots and to live, work, learn and play, for generations to come."

I am developing a 120 lot subdivision of Affordable New Homes primarily for families, first home buyers and pensioners not the high end developer prices you are bound to see from other developers in the area. The block is a piece of General title land on the northern side of Waiteti River.

Happy to meet with anyone from the local community to explain my plans. The development is yet to be named so "Streamside Park" is used for now.

I need support. So anyone who knows me and can stand tall in the knowledge that I will do my best to represent community interests.  Please sign this petition form so I can show your support to council.  Your address or your relationship to the community is important so please write that in your comments on the petition.

I want to acknowledge guardianship of the river to local hapu and wish for the landscaping of the rivers edge and reservation to be done by locals and Hapu. Right now there is no public access to the river from the road bridge up the Waiteti River. If this development goes ahead access to the northern side of the river will start from the Waiteti road bridge along the river's edge for more than a kilometer.  Along this length of river will be a 20 meter reserve from the rivers edge in-land for all locals to use for walks, fishing and general recreation.

The RMA committee's major concern is do Ngongotaha residents want urban growth north of the river.  As a local growing up in this area I know for a fact that his piece of land is perfect for it.  I also know that there have been submissions in the spacial plan that request development more than a kilometer further north past the land in question.

I am Selina Rika, Ngongotaha is my home, my family's home, my ancestors home.  I'm 4th generation local, I have lived here all my life and will still be living here for the lifetime of my children (5th generation) and theirs. Everything I do has to be good for our community because I know so many members and many know where our family live in Ngongotaha. A few things that shock many people is I am a local Maori woman and I am also the property developer.

I am currently working with two local hapu who are interested in seeing this development succeed for increased availability of affordable housing for their people.

The money I have invested doing this could have brought myself a lovely home.  If this falls over so do I. I am a Solo parent of two young boys and we need community support to get this through.

Please call me and I will come and show you what I want to do and take note of any concerns you have. Also there will be public consultation meetings driven by council and also me, the developer.


Selina Rika