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Rotorua Lakes Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Tony Moore

Sick of the random desecration, vandalising, and disrespecting that has occurred at Kauae Urupa in recent times? Rarely is anyone held accountable for their ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. (although last year, I confronted a dude who attempted to steal out of vehicles on xmas day,  Yes xmas day)!

The biggest frustration I guess is the distinct lack of care and consideration for the loved ones that we have laid to rest.

It is a special place to visit.  A place full of spiritual significance to many.  A place of reflection, a place of sadness accompanied by memories and laughter.  A place of forgiveness and peaceful calm. 

It is not a place to commit acts of 'dumb fuckery'.  There is no place in any race, culture, colour, or creed, that should be accepting of this behaviour and it must not be tolerated.

For what its worth, this may go a long way to effecting change and stamping out this sort of behaviour.


3,117 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!