Bring back lockers for day students at Rothesay Netherwood School

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This year, day students no longer have lockers. The day girls have nothing, and the day boys only have very small unassigned cubbies which can easily be stolen from. We know that there are some lockers in the Grade 6 room, but most are taken by Grade 6s, and it is difficult to retrieve items without interrupting the class going on inside. This year, day students backpacks have become absolutely stuffed. Not only are our packs extremely heavy, it is impossible to fit anything else into them without wrecking anything.


I have heard some rumors that lockers were removed because they were a safety hazard. If anyone has any ideas on where lockers could go, feel free to comment below! We have a fair amount of space, and I am sure we could find someplace they could go. 

I have already had three books damaged this year from my pack being overstuffed, and I'm sure some of you have as well. Let's bring back lockers, a safe place for day students to store their belongings at RNS!

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