Get mark freely lock up make are kids safe !!! No kid is safe with him out

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Mark freely is out again , after all he done to so may kids , we need him out of kids way and fast ,not in a travel lodge payed for by taxpayers . He has been moved endless times to protect him , where is are children protection. He is now staying in  where lots of kids will be maybe not as many given the lockdown 

there is none he has made threats to kill hunters live on TikTok but yet nothing done regarding this !!

no kids are safe he has been on line again an he thinks he is above the law. lets stand up and get him off are streets and away from children. Rotherham police have let us down again!!!! If he not fit for prison should be in mental hospital. But as we all know he has been declared medically fit to stand trial but still he has not.

the amount of children he has harmed is thousands he has over 40 Facebook accounts 25 Snapchat accounts and endless TikTok accounts we need to stand together to get justice for all kids harmed