Turn Grassed Area Into School Car Park.

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Wath C of E Parking 

Please  help us make this small grassed area off Barnsley Road Wath into a tarmaced area for Parents/Grandparents and other child minders etc to park whilst we drop our children off safely into school. We have a pelican crossing and lolly pop lady to aid us in crossing. But there is no where to park at all. The school has been extended once and is now in the process of being extended again, adding more children into the school.

there is no proper parking areas for the school as it's built around a main road and a very narrow side street. Residents of the streets are having their drives blocked and cars continuously get stuck !

im sure not only the school parents but the local residents would be very happy if the land was changed !

The only available land is the grassed area across the main road. 


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