Rotary: stop partnering with Nestle to send a floating "hospital" for kids in Upper Egypt

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Nestle and Rotary Egypt have announced plans to create a "floating hospital" in  Egypt. The initiative includes child care clinics, health professional training and programs for parents and children focussing on nutrition.

Nestle's participation directly violates the International of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and relevant subsequent WHA resolutions by funding equipment and/or services in the health system, providing training to health professionals and seeking contact directly with expectant and new families through the awareness initiatives.

This initiative is particularly egregious given the low resource communities in Upper Egypt targeted by the floating hospital, where the protection of breastfeeding and the use of appropriate local complementary foods is a critical measure for the health of babies and their families. 

Manufacturers and distributors of products covered by the Code must not donate or distribute equipment or services health facilities: here Nestle is 'donating' the entire program with the help of Rotary. 

We call on Rotary Egypt, with the support of Rotary International, to:

- Immediately end this partnership with Nestle on the grounds that it violates their ethical obligations to protect vulnerable infants and their families

- Implement a global policy for national organizations and chapters to prohibit future partnerships or affiliations with corporations that do not uphold their obligations under the Code

We call on Nestle Egypt and Nestle globally to cease its long-standing avoidance of its obligations under the Code, including this partnership with Rotary Egypt on the heels of sponsoring the RCPCH MENA Conference in Cairo.  

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