Keep Rotary International Politics-Free

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Mohamed Osman
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For more than 110 years, Rotary members have been addressing challenges around the world. 1.2 million Rotarian of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to act on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, they are always working to better our world, and they stay committed to the end.

Rotary International has always been a non-political and non-religious organization that doesn’t discriminate or get involved in any matter that doesn’t involve service and only service.

Rotary ensures all clubs and members are following its codes of policies through assigning officers and governors. District governors of Rotary are expected to enforce those codes of policies and prevent any violations or misuse of Rotary’s funds, name, and resources.

However, one district governor in Egypt has just violated those rules by establishing a partnership between all clubs of his district, Egypt, with an Egyptian political party.
Following are some of the policies that were violated through such a partnership.

[1]34.040.1. Use of Name or Emblem for Political Means

Clubs shall not use the Rotary name or emblem for the purpose of furthering political campaigns. Any use of Rotary fellowship to gain political advantage is foreign to the spirit of Rotary. (September 2016 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 28)


36.010.1. Criteria for Evaluation Reviews of partnership proposals should consider the following:
RI/TRF shall not enter into partnerships with other organizations that:
c) Promote a particular political or religious viewpoint through the partnership’s activities and results


37.010. Guidelines for Sponsorship of RI Meetings, Events, Projects and Programs
3. RI will not accept a sponsorship that:
d. Promotes a particular political or religious viewpoint through the partnership’s activities and results.


Furthermore, that district governor named Sherif Waly is not the ordinary DG. he was a member of the youth committee in the dissolved National Democratic Party in Egypt. He was also a board member of the Future’s Generation organization that used to promote inheritance of power during Mubarak Era, to his son Gamal Mubarak. He was also one of the defendants in the trial of killing the protestors during the Battle of the Camel, and actually spent time in jail waiting for trial. However, he was later found innocent along with many others. We can argue about his innocence, but he repeated  what he did before Instead of the Future’s Generation Charity is Egypt’s Rotary which he controls, and instead of the National Democratic Party is the Nation’s Future Party.

Nation’s Future Party most of its members were members of the dissolved National Democratic Party.

 By such a cooperation, Dr. Waly would be violating all RI policies. He will also be misusing Rotary name, and funds to promote for a political party and enable its members to resume their past crimes against opposition. The president of this political party has enmity towards Human Rights Watch and political activists in Egypt. We should never allow such an agreement to be made under Rotary’s name or by our contributions to RI.

I urge all Rotarians around the world to sign this petition and let RI hear us and stand against any violations of code of policies. RI should ask Dr. Waly to dissolve this cooperation protocol immediately, announce the dissolution and apologize for violating our code of policies, and resign as a DG for such an action and for being blood-handed who should never represent a noble organization like Rotary.