End Polio Now

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I was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. I grew up in Pakistan, until I was about 10 years old. As a kid, I remember people coming door to door, asking if kids have had their polio shots. They came to immunize, and provide polio vaccination. 

Pakistan is one of three countries today,  where Polio still prevalent. This year, I was involved in promoting World Polio Day in my home town in Oakville, Ontario with the help of all Rotary Clubs. This campaign was held at Oakville Place Mall on October 27th, 2018. 

I am dedicated to help eradicate Polio in these three countries where Polio still exists (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria). 

Having a personal connection to Pakistan, I feel it’s important to spread awareness about Polio eradication. Polio is a curable disease, causing muscle weakness, resulting in an inability to move. 

I hope you can join me and sign this petition, which will be sent to the Governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria respectively; to end Polio once and for all.