Remove Chuck Lasker as President-Elect of Kauai Rotary

I am disheartened that such an esteemed organization like Rotary Clubs, who have done so much for our community, most recently at Hanalei Pier, would allow itself to be represented by individuals such as Mr. Lasker has unabashedly proved himself to be.
Those members of our community whom he has labeled 'terrorists' are themselves victims of terrorism perpetrated by these multinational chemical corporations who bear allegiance to one value above all: corporate profit. They come to Hawaii solely in pursuit of corporate profit. In the manner of virtually all such U.S. corporatist endeavors, they buy off (with return$ on such investment a million to one in some cases, being that some politicians are such cheap and willing prostitutes to corporatism)/ ethically compromise our elected and appointed officials from WashD.C. down the chain to lowest officials in county governments who can be bought with just a job for a relative or friend.

Mami Mokii, Waimea, HI, United States
8 years ago
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