Students deserve more say in the future of the school

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Student's at Rossmoyne Senior High School have become aware of the planned house system from 2018 onwards. However, it seems that the actual thoughts and concerns of the student's on this has been ignored as teachers seem to have gone on to put this plan into action without providing any information to those who are directly affected, the students.

As student's we are requesting the following:

- Knowing all the details about the house system and any major changes happening and how these changes will affect them.

- To be informed on the final decision on the terms of the house system and not just adding and removing stuff

- Allow students to have a small say or at least their opinion heard on the House System

Not to mention but it directly states on the school's website that it is a "progressive school that is responsive to the changing needs of student's" so students should have the right to express these changing needs as such.