Rossendale council Stop the H7: G1 development in Rising Bridge

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We strongly advise people to still fill in their comment forms and return too forward planning, rossendale council have said anyone that is concerned has the right to send in a comment form and not just those that live in rossendale. The comment form can be found on the community website or visit We the People undersigned object to the proposed development in Rising Bridge under local plan 2 ref H7 G1 site page 59. There are numerous reasons that we feel that this land should not be developed. including but not limited to the following:  1. The site is at high risk of flooding 2. The land is not vacant as stated but is greenfield and being used for agricultural purposes. 3. The site will clearly not be built in the same style as the local housing. 4. Parking problems along rising bridge road because of over spill from overloaded car parks with regards to the half empty enterprise village offices. Which does cause problems with entering and exiting the site, as cars parking on both sides of the road. 5. The entrance proposed in the plan is unsafeA) there is no footpath along the road.B) HGVs carrying dangerous and toxic chemicals use this road all day. 6. Under the governments own policy and national frame work, the local infrastructure must be able to meet the needs of said travellers on the site. The local school could well struggle to place the amount of children that could be on the development so this need will not being met. 7. The site on and near to the site could well be contaminated. 8. The site is next to an active chemical works. 9. This land has never previous been developed and as such this location is greenfield land, developments like this would be better placed on brownfield land. 10. this proposal has numerous mistakes and as such this consultation can not be fully looked at and objected too. 11. The land is well known for wildlife being on and round it. 12 this is an area of beauty has cycle route 6 and a public footpath leading to the rossendale way.

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