Support making Selkirk and Arlington a designated school zone

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The intersection at Selkirk and Arlington has long been a nightmare for parents of children in the area. King Edward School site on the northwest corner of the intersection and on multiple occasions children have come close to getting hit during rush hour when people are more concerned with getting home than they are with the safety of children in the Area. Until recently though it had only been close calls and no one had ever been injured.

That changed about a week and a half ago. Kiara Blythe-Azure was coming home from school with her friends when a grey car decided it would try and "beat the yellow " and struck her on the southeast corner of the street. The car then proceeded to speed away without so much as even trying to see if she was ok.

Fortunately for Kiara her friends ran to her mom right away and an ambulance was called. She came out of it with some ligament damage and bumps and bruises. It could very well been a lot worse, had that car turned half a second sooner rather than clipping her with the side of his vehicle he would have hit her full force, and at the speed he was going could very well have seriously injured her, or possibly even killed her, an 11 year old girl dead because someone wanted to beat a yellow in a school zone.   

We have created this petition wit the sole purpose of having the Intersection of Selkirk and Arlington, on Selkirk between Sinclair and Arlington, and on Arlington between Pritchard and Selkirk, recognized as a designated school zone with a speed limit of 30km/hour during school hours. And we would like to have a red light camera installed at the location to deter future people from trying to beat the light in an area surrounded with families of young children.

To give you a basic idea King Edward is a public school who's children go from grade k-6 which means the vast majority of the children in that school are 12 and under. what if it was your child what would you do? Please sign our Petition.