Get A&M to schedule Texas and Vice Versa

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Chuck Ferrell
Sep 29, 2021
Lone Star Shoot Out had to be witnessed for cognitive dissonance abatement! Ewh boy. Their riled up I can hear UT ATO Dad Dan murmuring. Corp Granddad Herbert quiet in his fedora and A&M Class ring. Austin, Texas A&M Homecoming. Many Corpsmen with Mum adorned dates on arms and a low bellowing of male voices. It was EPIC: Then Reveille and the Aggie Fight Theme State Anthem, try not to come unglued! Red River Showdown, okay. This spectacle was after the Red pots stoked the hincendiary flames of Bonfire! It's WAR, it's on. Bevo and the UT Cannon Artillery infantry made it real. Standards blowing in or breeze. Texas #1 in Cultural Diversity and we're going to last!

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Liam McCarthy
2 years ago
I am signing because I am tired of fake Texas fans harassing me on Twitter like they’re gunna do sum. The long lost rivalry will show who is really the best college football team in the state. Just to clarify as well, the SEC is more difficult than the Big 12.