Demand for Better Leadership for Washington Elementary School

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The very culture of WES community has been adversely affected by the leadership style of Principal Dowdell. Her continual failure to take accountability for, and effectively address many issues at Washington Elementary School has cultivated general lack of trust, communication and credibility amongst parents, staff and community.

Several staff members and parents can attest to the following:

Jeopardizing Our Children's Success & Safety

- Overcrowded Classrooms

- A fire drill conducted unnecessarily (according to the Fire Captain) on a “Dangerously Cold Wind Chill” day, during which Principal Dowdell was seen outside with her coat while all staff and students stood in the freezing cold without their coats.

- Entry doorway/s impassable due to sheet of ice.

Lack of Professionalism

- Untimely and insufficient directives for assignments (SLC projects)
- Report cards not distributed on set date
- Poor verbal communication with staff and parents (unapproachable and condescending tone)
- No follow through on urgent matters or changes
- Revolving Support Staff (multiple secretaries over the 3 years)
- School programs unorganized and unaccommodating
- Late notification of various events (principal round table)
- Disrespect of parents' time by programs not starting on time, and    dismissals past 2:55 pm (late announcements over PA at end of day)
- Written communication not proofed before circulation (misspellings or wrong dates)

Deflects problems and does not always present truthful responses when confronted.

- Upon return to school from X-Mas break the building did not have any heat. Per email from Ms. Dowdell “the temperature had to be increased”, but verbally told parents no one turned on the heat from X-Mas break.

We, the undersigned are demanding as taxpayers and stakeholders in our school and greater community that concerns for our children will be given due consideration by the School Board, and that alternative leadership be sought to promote and maintain an environment in which parents, staff and leadership are empowered and encouraged to work TOGETHER to make WES a place where children truly do come first.

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