Allow Backyard Chickens in Rosecrest

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Friends within the Rosecrest Master HOA, whether or not you're personally interested in keeping chickens, please sign this petition if you agree that your neighbors who have yards should be allowed to keep them.  Or please sign even if you wouldn't care that your neighbors had them. The only people who should not sign are those who are definitely opposed to the idea.  :)

Urban homesteading is a popular thing these days, and foor good reasons!  Not only does it foster self-sufficiency and sustainability, but it's fun, too!

Here are some benefits of backyard chickens:
1. EGGS!  Many breeds will lay 5-7 eggs per hen per week, so just 2 or 3 hens produces plenty of delicious eggs for you AND your neighbors. 
2. Natural pest control!  Chickens will eat ALL of the backyard critters - spiders, slugs, mice... you name it, they'll eat it!
3. Free fertilizer!  Chicken poo can easily be composted into great garden fertilizer.
4. Funny personalities.  Everyone needs a few backyard dinosaurs!

Heard horror stories about chickens?  Allow me to address some common myths:

Myth 1. Chickens are noisy.
Fact: Laying hens — at their very loudest — have about the same decibel level as human conversation (65 decibels), and are generally only talkative if they have just laid an egg, or if there is danger nearby. Roosters make most of the noise and they are not allowed in Herriman.

Myth 2. Chickens are messy and smelly.
Fact: A forty pound dog generates about ¾ of a pound of excrement per day. Three chickens would produce about 1/4 of a pound per day. Both poops are smelly, but proper coop maintenance keeps the smells away.  Chickens also generally don't poop in your neighbor's front yards... just saying...

Myth 3. Chickens attract predators, pests and rodents.
Fact: Predators and rodents are already living in suburban areas. Wild bird feeders, pet food, gardens, bird baths, and trash waiting to be collected all attract raccoons, rodents and flies. Modern micro-flock coops such as elevated coops with fenced runs virtually eliminate concerns about such pests.  Also, chickens are voracious carnivores and will seek and eat just about anything that moves including fleas, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, stink bugs, slugs, and even mice, baby rats, and small snakes.

Myth 4. Property Values Will Decrease.
Fact: There is not one single documented case of a small family flock which has decreased the value of real estate.

Myth 5. Coops are Ugly.
Fact: Micro-flock coop designs can be totally charming, upscale and even whimsical. Common design features include blending in with the local architecture, matching the slope of the roof and complementing color schemes. And besides, it would be in a fenced back yard on private property.  Look at the picture!  That's adorable!

Unfortunately, the Rosecrest HOA doesn't realize these facts, and has explicitly banned backyard chickens in our community's CC&Rs, even though the birds are beneficial, harmless, and Herriman City allows them (city ordinance).  The purpose of this petition is to tell the Rosecrest HOA that residents should be allowed to keep a few chickens on our private property.


Thank you, and have a great day!  (Share with your neighbors!)

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