Require supermarkets to ask customers whether they'd like a receipt printed

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Paper receipts, in the majority of cases, are a waste of paper. The majority of receipts go straight into a bin. We don't need receipts for the majority of items we buy (groceries etc.) and only on very odd occasions do any of us ever take items back and require to show proof of purchase. 

Many clothing companies, such as New Look, already offer e-receipts as an alternative, and while this wouldn't be suitable for all customers, it certainly does help to reduce the number of paper receipts printed. 

Sainsburys have also recently begun to ask customers at self service checkouts whether or not they'd like a receipt, with no receipt printed if the customer says no. 

While paper is recyclable, the recycling of any material costs money which could be used elsewhere if these issues were simply avoided. 

In certain circumstances receipts are required but in the majority of cases they are not. Simply asking customers whether they'd like a receipt before printing it could have huge benefits and substantially decrease paper waste.

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