Don't kill beavers, MOVE them!!!

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Lesley Totten
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On the 1st of May Scotland's government gave the country's small beaver population legal protection. Unfortunately it simultaneously started granting dozens of licences to 'control' them up to and including killing beavers with young! Even if the claims of the damage they are doing are not exaggerated there are various ways their impact can be mitigated and in a worst case scenario there are areas the beavers could be moved to where they would be a boon for wildlife and reducing flood damage to homes, businesses and better quality farmland downstream. Along with restoring peat bogs and targeted tree planting beavers are being seen as a low cost, wildlife friendly way to improve water quality and eventually prevent millions of pounds worth of flood damage. However, there are reactionary elements in the farming and field sports sectors who don't want beavers anywhere! We need to ensure that society as a whole does not lose out due to a few not being prepared to take help with mitigating beaver 'damage' and the option of moving beavers which at present is not permitted must be available.