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Have SpaceVR give Blaze Sanders back-pay and reimburse rent Blaze paid for the company.

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*EDIT* His former employer indicated that he is not willing to provide the funds to Blaze now that he has been found. Please sign the petition to ask that the money be sent to him to be looked after by his friends and family members. 

For the third time, my dear friend Blaze Sanders has gone missing.  His former employer has called him worthless, not paid him in several months and also has been controlling of who he can spend time with outside of work hours and how he spends that time. When he was promised room and board in exchange from work, Blaze ended up working an extra job to pay rent for the company, while the CEO took expensive trips to India, Mexico, Necker Island, Burning Man, etc. and is currently refusing to provide back-pay and reimburse the expenses Blaze paid out of pocket

Please help us to get that money recovered and into the hands of the person it belongs to.

Blaze disappeared after a great deal of emotional abuse and confusion around what behavior and interactions were appropriate towards him and around him.  He is unsure of how to interact with the people that he loves as a result of the loving remarks and comments his CEO would make and then the harmful activities that would ensue.  

Blaze is one of the most talented and hardworking rocket scientists you will ever meet. He is an alumni of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in electrical engineering, and was one of the founding members of the University's Google Lunar X-Prize team to land a robot on the moon. He has worked for NASA for 3 years and was part of the NASA robotics academy at the Marshall Space flight center. 

He's supported many family members and friends in accomplishing their dreams and has inspired us with his internal drive and ambition along the way. He's been a huge supporter of me and many strangers that I have only been able to hear the kind words they've had to say after he's touched their lives.

Blaze has also worked for Meta, volunteered to help with inner city youth, and has even been crazy enough to want to build his own death star to be destroyed from space.

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